It’s not about me

An exhibition of a new series of works exploring the tensions between representation and abstraction with landscape as the vehicle.
Jennie’s paintings explore the tensions between representation and abstraction, place and non-place, remembered, real and imagined.
Her paintings occupy a space where reality, imagination and memory all hold equal tenancy.
Her status as immigrant informs her work, exploring loss of the familiar with the excitement of new opportunities, linking them through the vehicle of landscape.

The tension between realism and abstraction, coupled with the interest in introducing memory and imagination into the paintings are manifested in the broken or filmstrip quality that has been emphasized The image is recognizably familiar to be comforting but different in a way that keeps the viewer interest and invested in establishing a personal understanding.
Suggestions of journey and connection are viewed through a veil of multiple experiences.


Opening 5.30-7.30pm Friday 17 March Exhibition open 18 and 19 March 11 am - 3 pm

17 Mar 2017

19 Mar 2017