Bare Lines by Dominique Marriott

An exhibition of delicate nude charcoal drawings that embrace the cosiness of being in a private space, uninhibited by the public eye.

The figures in this series are mostly portrayed in repose, and have an intimate tone. Dominique’s work recalls the comfort of privacy, with the intention to evoke openness and relaxation in the viewer. The nude is undressed further through the removal of superfluous detail, resulting in bold outlined works containing just enough soft shades to allow an appreciation of the subject’s form.

Dominique is a figurative artist based on the west coast, near Raglan. This is her first solo show since receiving her visual arts degree from Unitec in 2015, where she developed her interest in studying the figure. Since then, Dominique has become proficient in reducing the form, achieving a linear clarity that displays control and efficiency. Her style is minimal, with a clean aesthetic that is both classic and modern.

Curated by Laree Payne



Opening preview Friday 25 August 5.30 - 7pm Exhibition open 1-4pm 26 and 27 August.

25 Aug 2017

27 Aug 2017