Flights of Fancy

Long-time artists and makers, and big-time admirers of each others handy-work, Debra Powell and Jane Siddall have come together to present this little offering of all things flittery and fluttery

Jane and Debra have a long association as artists, makers, and friends. We live and work among a vibrant community of musicians and creatives in rural Te Pahu.
Primarily working in fibre (Jane) and ceramics (Deb), we both have an eclectic approach in medium and method. We draw, paint, sculpt, stitch, fire, carve and sew. Through it all we’ve noticed a recurring motif of winged things that flitter and weave through the individual work we do. With ‘Flights of Fancy’ we have set ourselves the task of capturing some of these feathery, buzzing things and pinning them to the gallery wall – just for a moment.


Exhibition opening Friday 2 December 5.30-7pm Open 3 and 4 December 11am - 3pm

2 Dec 2016

4 Dec 2016