The Lynching of the 400 ­the 1% of the 1%

The Lynching of the 400 ­ the 0.01%
an installation ­ effigies & photography staging a ritualised ‘reign of terror’ using traditional Southern U.S.A techniques.
A show that performs ­ symbolically ­ the corrections that historically have befallen rulers and elites that consume all and lay waste to the place in their pursuits, greed, arrogance and grotesque consumption.

"My work is generally political in content and rather playful in its adventures into materials and media as they occur and as the work develops into new territories.
This show (The Lynching) came from initially collecting up plastic debris from the Gisborne foreshore this summer 2015, and exploring various ways to use the stuff. One thing and another and I spun some of the plastics into twine. From there a noose appeared, then an effigy ( a gruesome ‘goth’­necklace ). A few more effigies later and researching lynching led to this softened violent revolutionary conceptual depiction of the historically inevitable ‘pitchforking’."


Opening Friday 12 June 5.30-7pm Exhibition open Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 2-4pm

12 Jun 2015

14 Jun 2015