Facing Parallel Structures

A conversation between two artists.
A playful experiment exploring what happens when two artists from different genres come together to talk composition and colour. A discussion on how the attributes of composition and colour work to structure an image.
Sam and Andrew completed their BMA - Visual Arts (Honours) at Wintec in 2014. Since then they have continued generating work and new ideas in a shared studio space.

Sam’s works are a response to photography of domestic interior spaces. Her works fall in and out between real space (reality) and made up space (fiction). They deal with revealing/concealing information, layering techniques, surface treatment, composition and colour.

Andrew’s works are influenced by urban architectural spaces, they also talk about issues found in phenomenology and human perception.


Opening Friday 11 September at 5.30pm Open Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 12-4pmS

11 Sep 2015

13 Sep 2015