Gallery and Studio Construction 2007-2008

Dropping out of the Diploma of Ceramics course at the end of 2005 immediate planning commenced for the building of a studio/gallery at 78 Lake Cres. Hamilton. A second floor that would have taken in a magnificent view of the lake proved too difficult but led to the demise of the swimming pool after hiring Rob Macek, who became my brilliant architectural assistant, who did 95% of the design work but left some areas as they were Davids.

John Elley, known as Fish, had been a good friend for 30 years steered Fisher Developments to completion. Four Martin Roestenburg stain glass windows from the demolished Mayfair Hotel in Hastings along with other second-hand products/treasures were used alongside steel profiles and broken bricks. The latter causing quite a stir as the unusual ideas were gleaned from visits to overseas ruins and worn-down buildings around the globe.

Glass objects are displayed in scattered deep-set windows that payed homage to Le Corbusier's Ronchamp chapel. This fact was recently recognised by a female European architect when visiting. She had made a visit and undertaken research on the chapel.
The Underwater Collective was commissioned to decorate the walls of the bathroom along with the refrigerator and dishwasher.

After taking a Maori Art course with Daniel Ormsby at the WSA a carving was commissioned from that tutor which is placed on the outside above the double gallery doors.
Twenty artist friends happily contributed canvases upon the kitchen cupboard doors to make a gallery next to the studio.

The building was blessed and opened in November 2008 by Fred Graham, a lecturer of Davids at Palmerston North Teachers College in 1960/61.

The studio/gallery has certainly proved its worth for new artists, various art groups and many individual artists. Numerous folk when leaving the premises mention new-found stimulation and with creative juices flowing head home with enthused vigour.

An article on the courtyard appeared in the July 2014 NZ Gardener and articles have appeared in local newspapers. However House and Garden having requested photos declined to do an article as their agent's comment was that it was a little too quirky for them!

With the designing of this building I want to break the bounds of beauty as commonly perceived and push the boundaries to their limit. It is not to be a beautiful building in the sense of looking “nice” but I wish to plumb the depths of creativity to the molten core, to the heart of creation, and to enjoy the eudemonistic moments of raw inner feeling when I visit the finished space seeking peace while being surrounded with a primitive sense of beauty.

Is it truth that I continue to search for? Truth hones to the core? Raw beauty and simple? Abandoned embellishments?
The building is to reflect my journey, acknowledging my ancestors (Nga Tupuna) and a place where my art may be a catalyst to give protection to my grandchildren, their generation and the following ones…

David Lloyd
August 2007

15 Nov 2008